Program Penggalakan Sains dan Teknologi | Science and Technology Awareness Programme

The PPST programme aspires to bring science and technology subjects closer to the student population through 'participatory learning'. The aim is to develop a talent pool that is drawn towards science via the 'feel and touch' effect at the early stages of learning development in an entertaining and fun environment. Series of activities and programmes will be lined up with a collaborative effort between public sector and non-governmental organisations, academicians as well as community (students and teachers), contributing to the development of the Penang State's human capital.

It started as a pilot project in 1998 and continues to collaborate with various institutions and agencies to organise talks, study trips, field study and camps with the aim to instil awareness of the importance of science, technology and environment in daily life; and also to encourage more students to study in the science stream.

The theme of the programme is to 'Cultivate interest in the field of science and technology among school students'.

Its objectives are:

  1. To provide hands-on experiential learning of science and technology outside the classroom
  2. To enhance knowledge and skills in the field of science and technology
  3. To instill awareness of the importance of application of science and technology in daily life
  4. To enable students to relate current social and environmental issues with science and technology
  5. To provide information on the prospects of job/career related to science and technology